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CLMBR Connected

CLMBR Connected

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A machine built to move with you. Maximized for every workout, for every body.

Engage over 86% of your body’s muscles every workout. 30 minutes or less is all you need. CLMBR was designed to be the most effective cardio machine. Accomplish more in less time. Quiet & Low Maintenance. Instructor Led Classes. Large-Format Touchscreen

At 7'4" & less than 3 sq/ft CLMBR is designed to fit almost all indoor spaces.

Low impact & high intensity

A more efficient workout in less time

Get lost in immersive workouts built for your body. CLMBR is built to provide a full-body workout to accomplish more in less time.

CLMBR leverages your natural, upright body position to focus on full-body strength and cardio efficiency – without putting tension on your joints.



Connected Display - 21.5"

Pure Display - 10.1"


Full access 24/7 to on-demand classes

Instructors provide a variety of styles, music, and class programs to keep you engaged and coming back for more. Whether you have 15 minutes or 45, we’ve got your back.

Requires yearly subscription of $720/year.

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