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SoulCyle Bike

SoulCyle Bike

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Engineered for the best ride—ever

Designed for tap-backs, push-ups, sprints, and climbs, this bike delivers the ultimate
SoulCycle ride.

For just $39.99/month, access a growing library of classes all on the Equinox+ app—including SoulCycle live and on-demand classes with the instructors, music, and pack you love, plus access to Equinox, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Rumble, and more. 

Or stream straight from the studio.

SoulCycle films all classes from the iconic West Village studio. When you take a live SoulCycle class, you can see who’s riding with you, where they’re clipping in from, and any milestones they’re celebrating.

Length 62.2"
Width 22.2"
Height 53.5"
Weight w/ Screen 142lbs
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